Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Hello, originally uploaded by Cyknithia.

Hi - I spend enough time reading knitting blogs I figured it was time to join the fun!

I have been knitting off and on since high school - but, I've been more serious about it (knitting more than scarves) for about the past year. Now, I don't think I will knit off and on anymore, I think I'm a knitter. I have a stash, I have minimized what I've spent on yarn,I have a subscription to a knitting magazine, and when I go to other cities I love visiting the LYS. I just got a kitten, Chief, and I have always wanted a way to 'archive' my knitting, and somehow get what I want to knit organized (well, at least in a list that I won't lose) - so, its time for a blog! Maybe this will even help to avoid second sock syndrome, which I have also seemed to catch - I love the way people photograph their finished socks. Hopefully I'll have a pair to blog about soon!

Selected FOs
1. Calorimetry, 2.Norweigan Mittens, 3. Riding on the RTA, 4. First Socks, 5. Me, 6. First Mitts, 7. Chief, 8. Shedir, 9. Best present!, 10.Assymetric Cable Hat, 11. My So Called Scarf, 12. Relax, 13. Lotorp bag, 14.Lady Eleanor, 15. Have Fun!, 16.Thrummed Mitts

Friday, April 20, 2007

Another one please.....

.....knitting blog that is! Enjoy!

(Monkey socks, on vacation having a Tamirand martini.)