Monday, December 3, 2007

An Ascot

I finished an ascot! (I wasn't really sure what one was prior to knitting this and reading about it)

Huckleberry Ascot by Kat Coyle
Interweave Knits Holiday 2007
Fleece Artist Kid Silk 3 ply rose, 1 skein
US 7 needles

Not to whine, but I really didn't enjoy knitting the bobbles, at all. I seriously thought about just making a ruffle like in this scarf, but then I already knit that and what fun would that be? They do look nice now that I am done with them. This really is a last minute pattern for those of you making holiday gifts - I pretty much knit it in an afternoon (I am not this year, after the disasterous NaKniSweMo, I just didn't have the confidence to take on multiple projects with a deadline). I love the way it looks with my dressy black coat, but it also looks quite good with just a t-shirt. My second winner from this magazine too (heres the first)! And there is more I want to knit too...