Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Happy New Year - I hope that 2009 is a healthy and happy new year for everyone!

It was a good year for me - I moved to a new city, began a fellowship, and had 2 wonderful vacations with my sister to Israel and Turkey. I got a new car and camera. Maybe its the new setting, or just time, but I feel good - like I am finally coming out of a fog that I have been under for a few years. There are a lot of people who have not been as fortunate this year, and I hope that events in the Middle East do not escalate anymore than they already have, but I am optimistic that come January 20th things will start to get better for everyone.

Knitting-wise, I had a lot of time to knit this year (so, it was a productive year) and ventured into lace knitting. My favorite projects are the Juno Regalia shawl, Gumdrop Socks (they just feel so good on!), and the Montreal socks (I have a suspicion that the next time I come across this yarn I will just buy it and cast on for another pair before I know what happened...). On the needles now are 2 single socks, a vest that needs finishing, the beginnings of a sweater, and the linings of my Fiddlehead mittens. So, those should be the priorities for the start of 2009, but there are a few patterns that I am just smitten with.

2008 Knitting
(R-L 1. Clapotis 2. Jaywalker Socks 3. Montreal Socks 4. Montego Bay Scarf 5. Serendipity Socks 6. Jules Socks 7. Sock Keychain 8. Blackberry Cover 9. IPod Cover 10. Lace Ribbon Scarf 11. Potamus Socks12. Hourglass Sweater 13. Leafling Socks 14. Marigold Socks 15. Adamas Shawl 16. Jess's Shawl 17. Koolhaas #2 17. Noro Knee-highs 18. Gloria Cowl 19. Juno Regalia 20. Gumdrop Socks 21. Chevron Scarf 22. Twisted Flower Socks 23. Amanda Hat 24. Evangeline Mitts for Judi 25. Salish Sea Socks 26. Iceland Sweater 27. Uptown Boot Socks 28. Cabled Hat 29. Lenore Socks 30. Soltice Slip Socks 31. Picot Monkey Socks)

There are a few projects up there that I just finished, and will blog about soon. Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Vacation Pictures

I just got back from a wonderful holiday with my sister to Turkey (while vacation is probably a more American term, this was a big and wonderful trip and holiday seems more appropriate). I am way behind on the gift knitting, but in case you need a break too, here are some pictures:

Blue Mosque

Turkish delight at the Spice Bazaar
Turkish delight!

Mosaics at Kariye
The art and history there was amazing


Tile in Konya
The tile was one of my favorite things there



I highly recommend a trip to Turkey if you get the chance, we had a wonderful time. Now, back to work, I think that I need to have one FO a day to get everything done that I want to ....