Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Here we go 2008!

Its my first FO of 2008! My unoriginal (but only 45 yard) hat:
an unoriginal 1 skein hat

Top view An unoriginal (but only 45 yard) hat

An Unoriginal Hat by the Yarn Harlot
Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky Naturals, ONE SKEIN!!!! (thats 45 yards)
US 15 and 10.5 needles
Blue Sky

Yes, I am very proud that I knit this out of one skein, and a very small skein that has been sitting in my stash forever because I only had one skein of it and didn't know what to make! The original unoriginal hat (see above) was made out of variegated yarn and very nice, but I am really happy with the plain yarn: I love the stitch definition, and the cables really stand out this way.

So, the modifications: I only cast on 42 stitches (1 less pattern repeat around) and used size 15 (US) needles. I planned to use 15s the whole way, but ran out at the decreases. So, I ripped back, and did the decreases on 10.5 needles, skipping the non-decrease row in the decreases. And it fits! I like a hat that sits over my ears, and this does, but barely. I may try to block it to make it longer, but I wore it out tonight (and it was cold out there) and I think it will work as is.

Now, I have to work on some of my single socks. They are starting to get out of control and unfortunately I added one this week:
Pomatomas sock #1
Its a Pomatomus from Knitty. I am using some old Koigu (also from the stash) and am very happy with these so far: the colors are working perfectly with the pattern (and a little aquatic I think), and the pattern is so cool! In my defense for casting on another pair of socks (I had 6, now 7 socks awaiting mates) these were my vacation socks, for my trip to Florida last week. I saw it as a perfect Florida project because of the pattern (water-themed) and colors (teal, purples, oranges). I wanted to pack light but have enough to knit for the 5 days I was there so I had to start a new pair!

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Judi said...

As a non-knitter, may I say that your sock(s) look like a piece of art! I love them!! I might just request a knitting lesson or two from you- you make me want to get needles and yarn and create something!

Hope to see you soon, in the meantime, happy knitting!