Friday, February 22, 2008

Must blog....

...I have been thinking that for a while now, but its been a vicious cycle: I don't have enough time, there is too much to blog about ... 1 week ... okay, I still don't have time, and there is more to blog about ... OK! Well, I may be a little rushed to work today (I should leave in about an hour and still have to shower and eat....), but its time!

First off...
Montreal 2008
Montreal. My sister and I try to take trips on our birthdays every year. This year it was Montreal.

We had a great time, its a beautiful and cool (literally) city and there is something surreal about how different of a feel there is there yet it is only a short plane ride. We just enjoyed the city by walking around, shopping, eating well, watching the Canadiens on TV in French (is it Canada or that is was in French, it seemed so much more a suspenseful game there ... on tv!), and getting cold!

Montreal 2/2008 Montreal Underground
Cold ... but you can walk everywhere underground ... Cool!

Yes, it was my birthday, #31. Kind of a blah year. So, I had to treat myself to spice it up a bit!
A splurge from The Loopy Ewe. I've never bought anything from her before, although I have done a lot of browsing on the site. I felt so special when this arrived today, the cute stickers, how nicely everything was wrapped in tissue paper, the needle inventory....
Of course, it didn't stop there. After buying, I checked out Sheri's blog, and saw this.
I resisted. But then later (that day!) I found myself again on the site, during a Sneak Up and, well, not good (I got some Posh sock yarn and DIC classy in Beach Fog). I consider it birthday aftermath (plus, its soooo cold here, cashmere socks and a new wool sweater are needs now!), so this lapse of impulse control has been reconciled. I am going to finally knit an Hourglass sweater from LMKG with the DIC.

And, a FO:
Uptown Boot Socks
Uptown Boot Socks from Favorite Socks
Trekking XXL
US 1.5 needles

Uptown Boot Socks
I love the cables, I think they work nicely with the Trekking ... subtle cables and subtle striping.

Finally, I have finished Iceland and will blog about it when I have more time. But a question, this is what is left:
Enough for a hat?
Is it enough for a hat, specifically, this one? I know the answer, but I need someone to tell me so that I don't learn the hard way.

I'll be back soon with pics of my Iceland sweater, promise!

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Judi said...

With all the warm, cozy socks you've knitted, your feet must have been warm and toasty while in Montreal. Your pictures look like it's a beautiful city, but I think I'll make sure I visit in the summer!

Now you have time to knit yamulka for Israel!

Stay warm!