Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Noro Socks

I made some socks that I just love (I know these pictures are similar, I couldn't decide which one I liked best!):
Montreal Socks
Montreal Socks

Montreal Socks (because I started them in Montreal)
Noro Kureyon Sock, alternating from each end of a center pull ball every other row
Basic Sock Recipe from Knitting Rules
US 1.5 Needles

I was quite excited when I first found out there was a Noro sock yarn, and I thought a lot about which sock pattern to use. Inspired by the Noro Scarf, I first knit these alternating colors every 4th row. Looked OK, but the stripes were striping a bit and it just didn't look as sharp. The drawback with changing colors every other row is that that is a bit of a jog, so I ran it down the medial side/inside of each sock:
Montreal Socks
I manipulated the colors to get solid areas on the cuffs, heels, and toes. I decided not to match the socks, mainly because of the yarn. It tangled easily, and pulling from both ends of the ball was a hassle enough (I probably should have wound it into 2 balls, but didn't). The yarn felt scratchy when knitting, but the finished sock isn't scratchy or uncomfortable to wear. I only had one knot in the ball.

I love the color combinations in the stripes. I had a hard time putting these down because of those stripes: what would the next combination be? This led to late nights. And then got me thinking about color, and what colors to use for these mittens (which I have been admiring for sometime now and the pattern just became available), and my LYS was having a sale on the recommended yarn (Harris Tweed), and ... another project I can't put down:
Fiddlehead Mitts
Fiddlehead Mittens by Adrian Bizilla!
You'll see, the colors are going to be similar to the socks. This knitting is wrecking havoc on my life: My apartment is a mess, I am not getting ready for the big trip I am taking next week, the plants need!


Judi said...

Oh no! You are out of control! Haha! The socks are adorable and I love the pictures of the dogs from your last posting. I also love the cape you made, it looks "fabulous".
Ok, put down the needles, step away from the yarn and start packing! Did that help?

If nothing else, you have a lot of nice warm and cozy socks to wear while you trek through your trip!

Courtney said...

Those are such cute socks! It makes me want a pair, even though I generally find noro a little too scratchy. Are they not itchy?

They're great!