Saturday, October 4, 2008

Late to the party, but just in time...

My first cowl:
Gloria Cowl
Misti International hand-painted sock yarn, held double
US 8 needles

It was a little big, I cast on 99 stitches - so, I did a gentle shrinking in the dryer, and its so nice when mistakes work out! The yarn was beautiful to start out with, but the drying process really enhanced the softness and fuzziness of the yarn from its alpaca content (but just a little, we don't want too much fuzz around our necks - itchy!) . Perfect for fall! I've been enjoying the weather, letting my apartment get a little cold and snuggling up with the cowl and a quilt. Now, if only the grocery weren't out of apple cider (how!) ... I guess other people love fall as much as I do.

So, keeping with the fall/october theme ... I have been a little spooked lately. This is a knitting blog, but I am going to go beyond that now, so don't read on if you just want knitting!

8 years ago, I thought, how much damage can one person do, especially if there is relative incompetence, they just won't know how to do things, so, nothing will get done. Well, we saw and will continue to feel where that went. Now, what about the thought of having someone even more so as the vp, with an above average risk of becoming the president, exhaulting and aiming to emulate a person who has done unmeasurable damage to this country's ideology (and democracy itself), whose job she hopes to have - very, very, scary. The top of the ticket doesn't fall too far from the tree either. If you aren't registered to vote, please do, the deadline is just a few days away, don't be late to the party! Wouldn't it be wonderful to have some optimism?


Katie M. said...

I love how the cowl turned out! A quick trip through the dryer was just the thing ...

karen said...

that's hysterical!!!
truly a coincidence!

i was looking at your blog, and after the first paragraph found myself thinking 'there cyknithia goes again, writing about does one write more than one paragraph about yarn?!?' and lo- and behold, you wrote about something BESIDES yarn this time!

always got one up your sweater sleeve, don't you cknyarnthia!!