Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy (very)

Just a quick post to share my happiness

Hot off the needles!

1. I finally finished my Chevron Scarf from LMKG. For those familiar with the book, this definitely took more than 8 hours. Its in need of a good blocking, but its turned out beautifully and I'll post more pictures soon.

2. I just had a wonderful bagel that was hand-delivered to me from Cleveland. Can't these come to Indiana, soon?

Oh, yeah, and...

Very Happy
Even Chief knows things are looking up

3. This would be what makes me very happy. And both of my states (Ohio and Indiana) were blue!


Karen said...

Hi, Cynthia!

I have been very, very happy since Tuesday night! I helped out at the campaign office all day Tuesday, and was there when Ohio went blue--the whole place went bonkers. It was great! My family and I went home soon thereafter, but of course I stayed up to see the news stations call the results, and hear the speeches (the 2nd of which I watched with tears streaming down my face, crying and joyous at the same time). He's in for a rough time, what with yesterday's crappy economic news, but thank goodness it's him at the helm soon...

Glad to see you're doing well in Indiana! But if you're ever in the Delaware area, please do look me up--I'd love to get together sometime...


(P.S. Use my owu e-mail to get in touch--I don't check my gmail account, really.)

Katie M. said...

The scar looks great! Definitely worth the more-than-8-hours. Could *anyone* finish that in 8 hours?!

Judi said...

Your entry is just full of good news! what more can a person ask for? A bagel, a newly knit scarf and a new president of our liking!!!

Put in for a new order anytime, we deliver!!!

Here's to ya!! :)

karen said...

why don't you knit yourself a little leash and take the 'mitten' out for a little run in the fresh air?