Thursday, December 18, 2008

Vacation Pictures

I just got back from a wonderful holiday with my sister to Turkey (while vacation is probably a more American term, this was a big and wonderful trip and holiday seems more appropriate). I am way behind on the gift knitting, but in case you need a break too, here are some pictures:

Blue Mosque

Turkish delight at the Spice Bazaar
Turkish delight!

Mosaics at Kariye
The art and history there was amazing


Tile in Konya
The tile was one of my favorite things there



I highly recommend a trip to Turkey if you get the chance, we had a wonderful time. Now, back to work, I think that I need to have one FO a day to get everything done that I want to ....


Christine said...

I love your pictures! I can't say that DH and I have ever really considered a trip to Turkey, but I think I will show him these pictures and maybe we'll put it on our list of places. Thanks! Glad you had a wonderful holiday!

karen said...

go ahead, schwester, why don't you boast about how many people commented about the fact that you knitted during entire transatlantic flights...or how the flight crew remembered you as 'that knitter' when we boarded the return flight. ha!

Judi said...

Ahha! Now I know from Karen's comment that you were in a knitting frenzy during your flights! Good way to make the flight go by!

And I am so lucky to not only be related to, but also to be a recipient of this blogger's talent! I love it!!!

Loved seeing you!