Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Sorry about being a bad blogger ... I've been too busy. Some of the busy-ness has been in bad ways (work: 6 weeks of call (working 30 hour shifts) every 4th night and 5 weeks of not having a complete weekend off), and some exciting (I've moved! Well, moving wasn't fun, but setting up/decorating a new apartment was!). I'm also without my precious internet, and I don't know when it is going to be hooked up. Pooooor me!

Hello Columbus!
I now live in Columbus, where I grew up. Its good to be home, the city has changed a lot (in good ways) since the last time I lived here ... eleven years ago! I have an apartment downtown, and it has a washer and dryer in addition to a pool (2 things I didn't have before, I'm getting soft - 4 years ago I didn't even have a garbage disposal in my apartment!). I've been in Cleveland for the past 7 years, and its a great city (lots of culture, character, spirit), but its been a hard 7 years and, so, it feels good to move on. I still have 2 months of residency left, but they are light months so I will be semi-commuting/staying with family in Cleveland and hopefully still make it one Saturday to Phoenix Coffee to knit. I'll miss Cleveland, it will always be a "home" to me.

Anyway, I hope to have a kntting post soon ... I am getting some much deserved relaxation at the New Jersey Shore with family this weekend. Look where I stopped on my way from the airport:
Loopy goodness!
(Sheep Shop Yarn 3 - Color G129 - intended for a Clapotis, I haven't made one yet!)
Such a nice store!


karen said...

look at where i stopped on the way from the airport??? sheeeesh! that would be, if the way from the airport involved driving the wrong direction and then turning around 180 degrees to drive back again.

i like the columbus picture, i think the next installment should involve a lone ball of yarn floating in your new swimming pool. ha!

Judi said...

Hi Cindy- I think Columbus looks great, but I know Cleveland (and I) really miss you! Lots of good things will be coming your way!!I can't wait to see you and to have coffee together.
So Karen spilled the beans about just how "on the way" the knitting store is- heehee!
and my montra is...Cindy is normal...Cindy is normal... haha!