Thursday, July 12, 2007

That little ....

(expletive here - s-head would be a good suggestion)
I was only gone for a few hours and look what I came home to:
The crime

Who me? But I'm a sweeeeeeetheart!
I'm innocent
I would never do something counterproductive to your knitting like, say, unravel half of the ball and somehow manage to get 1/3 of the stitches off of the circular needles and unravel a *few* rows. (Note the collar ... not a sweetheart collar)

Well, to look at the glass half full (after ripping back 6 rows), at least I have a picture with which to blog about my new project: the Fitted Tank. I am almost done with the front after casting on 3 days ago, I love the Blue Sky Cotton - its so soft! I feel like a real Blue Sky Alpacas groupie with this right after the Clementine, and because I just purchased this, which I can't wait to cast on for with this in shrimp (not yet purchased, I am set on THIS color, don't ask me why - there are so many beautiful colors in this yarn!). Thats enough thisses!


karen said...

yeeeesss....he's learning well.

Judi said...

Oh no! That sweet little cat would do such a thing? must of thought you were so nice to leave him a new soft toy....