Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Yes! I finished something in the appropriate season!Fitted Tank

Blue Sky Fitted Tank by Allison Williams
Blue Skies Dyed Cotton, 3 skeins
US 9 needles

I am very happy with this...now that its finished. There was some strife with the pattern and the newly finished product. I still haven't learned to read the entire pattern BEFORE knitting. For me, there is something semi-exciting about moving to the next part of the pattern (ex. increase rows to arm hole shaping), and I don't want to ruin the surprise by reading ahead. Well, I drove myself nuts with the first neck (its
knit in 2 pieces, then sewed at the end) - I couldn't get it to be neat! Then, I figured out to read ahead a bit and, aha!, at the end you pick up stitches along the edge then bind off for a neat border.

Also, when I first tried it on...DESPITE ACTUALLY SWATCHING AND GETTING GAUGE ...well, it was a little big. A-N-G-E-R!
And, the gauge was a little loose, gaps in between the stiches and all. So, I did a google search and Ravelry search, and couldn't find much about shrinking Blue Sky Cotton. I went with a very conservative approach: I soaked the sweater in warm water, then dried it until it was a little more than damp, then took a deep breath and put it in the drier, on medium heat, and checked, and checked, and checked until it was the right size. And the yarn plumped up nicely as well! Y-A-Y! I am, again, quite happy with the Blue Sky Cotton. I used it on my Licorice Whip sweater as well ... I didn't get gauge on that sweater and its a bit small, I was hoping to stretch it by wear, but I think I am going to have to be a little bit more aggressive. I just haven't gotten around to it and now .... this just arrived in the mail, there are a lot of great projects (deciding to highlight those was hard!). I also need to finish sock club socks #2 and cast on for socks #3 because I think another shipment will be arriving soon. And, I am about to start dropping stitches for thE Clap-O-TEE, and I've purchased yarn for my first pair of Jaywalkers (another web classic)
LL stash
I guess its time to stop blogging and get knitting!


Judi said...

Your tank top looks even cuter on! I must be a bit not normal too because I keep reading your blog and I don't even knit!

Enjoy your time and tell Chief Aunt Judi says "hi". Hope to see you soon!


karen said...

uhhhh..you lost me around 'strife with the pattern'

anyhoots, what i find remarkable about these photos is that the ficus leaves appear to be drooping. when was the last time that you watered her? she prefers q week, you know. i find that approximately 1/2 an ikea watering can is just about right--just so the soil is damp but not too wet. and i hope to god you haven't put that precious tree in the same DIRECT sunlight that you put that jade plant i see behind it in.

Too Little Time said...

Cute tank, found you through BMFA... noticed that you are in cleveland. Recently on our way from MI to DC we stoped in at "Birds of a Feather" in Avon. Have you ever been there? I loved it. Karrie (kyancey@wowway.com)