Sunday, November 4, 2007

November is for sweaters

NaKniSweMo - How fun! And I needed an excuse to cast on for this: Marseilles! OK, I said it, I'm committed now, it has to be done by the end of this month! All of a sudden this seems like a big task for one month. This pattern jumped out at me the first time I flipped through the magazine - early in my knitting adventures. I loved it, but didn't think there was any chance that I could knit it. That was over a year ago, isn't it nice to see yourself getting better at something? There are beautiful FOs on Ravelry. I am so excited to cast on.
I am using Patons Classic Merino in "bright red." It really is, I hope not too much so. I had originally bought it awhile ago for Cheesylove which has fallen out of favor with me, I don't know why.

Speaking of stash ... look what I made from leftovers from my Foilage and Koolhaas hats:
Fetching from Knitty, Summer 2006 in Malabrigro Frosted Grapes and ?Blue Worsted.
I had a hard time getting good pictures of these, and I'm still not happy with the pics. I love these colors together. Maybe the stripes take away from the cables a bit, but in person its not as bad as in the pictures. And so soft. Its a really cute pattern too that can be knit quickly. I didn't make any modifications to the pattern, just alternating colors every other row. I really like these.

I'd better start working on my sweater!

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Judi said...

I don't think you're going to have the time to go back to "doctoring" with all the knitting you have to do! Heehee!!

All of your stuff looks so professionally done- you know it's always good to have something"to fall back on".

hope to see you soon and remember, keep those needles busy!!!