Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pomatamus Socks

I love these:

Pomatamus Socks

Pomatamus Socks by Cookie A. in Knitty
Koigu KPPM - 10 years old!
US 1.5 needles

Its no wonder its such a popular pattern, its just beautiful. I know that the yarn is colorful, and that its a complex pattern which usually doesn't go with busy yarn, but I love the combination. I have been saving this yarn for the perfect project - I bought it over 10 years ago when I wasn't really a knitter but was taking a knitting class in college (we had something called alternative college, which were practical or fun classes like knitting, homebrewing, car repair - just for fun, no credit for those). At the time I thought I would make socks with it, but sitting down and having the confidence to knit a sock at that time was a different story (although, now I know, socks aren't bad at all!). So, since I had been holding onto this for so long, I had high expecations for it. I'm happy with the results.

Pomatamus Socks

These socks will only been worn with open heeled shoes! Even the soles are perfect!

Also, something else is done that I am quite happy with. Its blocking now, but I had to try it on and snap a picture (or 3), here is sneak peek:

Hourglass Sweater

I'll be back soon with more on this.


Sway Knits said...

Lovely socks! They look beautiful in that color!

Katie M. said...

I love the socks! I think the 10-year wait was worth it.

Judi said...

Ok, so the one with no knitting ability looks here all the time! hmmm...:) I love the socks and can't wait to see the sweater in person!

Keep knitting!

nicole said...

What pretty pomatomi! And the sweater looks awesome, can't wait to see it on!