Monday, July 7, 2008

Good excuses

Yes, its been a while. But, there have been lots of happenings around here! First, this is where I am now:

So far (one week), so good. Moving is no fun at all but as I get settled in, I feel like I am in a good place now. I and am liking my new job - I can walk (more likely bike) to work and there seems to be excellent knitting stores here... dangerous, I can walk to that last one. I haven't had a chance to explore too much yet, if anyone has any Indianapolis suggestions, please let me know! I moved here for the job, so I am fairly unfamiliar with the city, but its kind of fun and refreshing to start anew.

Its also been fun stalking Apartment Therapy for the past few months getting ideas for my new place. Heres how it looks so far:
My new apartment!
(Click to see larger). I know I went a little Ikea overboard, but I like Ikea!)

There also has been knitting, and not without drama. I'll save that for the next post (which should come pretty quickly as I have a FO to report).
Here's a preview:


Judi said...

Hi! The skyline looks really nice! Your apartment looks so cute too! And best of all, you like your job! All good news.

As for the knitting drama...what could that possibly be? :)

Can't wait to see you and hope you come in sometime to meet Bedford.

sue said...

Ooh, I'm liking the look of that shawl. And I hope your move is treating you well! I love apartment decorating!

karen said...

Was yarn damaged in the move? A stitch dropped? Chief mistake your stash for a multicolored litterbox?