Monday, June 9, 2008


All of a sudden its full blown summer! While I don't really like the 90 degree heat, summer also means its time to bring out the sandals. I love my sandals, I don't know how I can go the rest of the year all cooped up in shoes and socks (regular socks, not handknit socks!). Anyway, here is a pair of my favorite summer shoes with a new FO:

Marigold Socks

Marigold Socks by Pamela Wynne (I love reading her blog. Have you seen her new pattern? Just beautiful!)
Koigu KPPM
US 1.5 needles

Marigold Socks!

I started these a while ago (November) and got major second sock sydrome ... I'm not sure exactly why, once you get started on these they really seem to knit up fast (the pattern is interesting, yet there is still a good amount of plain knit rows). Probably, part of it was that these are toe-ups, which I'm not as comfortable with and so have to sit down with resources in order to start. I like the concept of toe-ups, that you can use up all of the yarn (which I did), the way the toe is formed, etc. But they seem to be more of a pain - the cast-on is a bit more tricky (I like this explanation of a provisional cast-on). Plus, I'm just not good with short rows, I can never get them to look neat. Maybe I just need to get more familiar with them.

And, because I am pleased with myself for getting a chunk of these WIPs done before my move later this month (including all of my single socks), I allowed myself to cast on another project:
Adamas Shawl beginnings
I love this blue; its bright, but its so pretty. And the yarn (Lacey Lamb), its so soft and light and just summery! This is my first major lace project, I've knit simple lace projects before, but never so complex and never with this fine of yarn. I think this will look great with a dress I bought for the summer weddings this year: Its orange and red (across the color wheel from blue!). But that means I need to get it done this summer....

And, thank you all for the nice comments on the Hourglass sweater ... its nice to know that I'm not wearing my knitting goggles (you know, everything you make looks wonderful because you have put so much work into it and subconsciously you can't admit it when things don't work out...)


Sway Knits said...

Ooh, I love those Marigolds! They look so fun and cheerful.

Desiknitter said...

Wow, so many FOs since I last visited! I love the socks and the sweater really looks very cool on you. I also just started a project in Lacey Lamb in red, and isn't the ball really squishy and soft? I worry that it's a bit fragile, but it's wonderful to knit with.

Ashley said...
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karen said... di--dint just say 'knitting goggles'!! LMAO!!!!

for reals, i like the blue stuff, or at least the picture.

you didn't go out in public with the knitted socks and sandals, did you? oh nevermind.

Christine said...

Oh I love the color of that Lacey Lamb. Is it really as soft as it looks? I'll have to pick up a few balls of it when I go to the states this month.

And I love the socks. Marigold is in my queue on Ravelry!