Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good FOs

I have 2 new FOs to share, both of which I just love.

First, the surprise (for me):

Goody goody!I didn't like the kit or the yarn especially...
Goody Goody!

These are the 3rd shipment of the Rockin Sock Club and I really did not like the yarn or pattern when I got it. I've been really happy with all of the other packages, and I haven't started a few really beautiful ones, so.. why did I even start these? I'm not really sure, I just felt like I should plow through them, then start on the more exciting ones. And I am so happy with them! They are the most comfortable socks I have knit, I love wearing them! (Pattern: Gumdrop Socks, Yarn: Socks that Rock Lightweight - Goody Goody, US 1 needles)

Second: Remember this? Juno Regina!

Juno Regina
So, pretty!
Pattern: Juno Regina by Miriam Felton
Yarn: Dream in Color Baby in visual purple
Needles: US 5

Juno Regina

I posted about this a while ago, and its been done for a while too, but it took me a while to block it, and then longer to take pictures (well, pictures that did it justice)

Juno Regina

I love this. More than the socks. The yarn is beautiful ... there is the smallest amount of variation in color that makes the purple really pop. I only used 1 skein, and its still pretty big. Its really soft, perfect to wear as a scarf (how I'll probably wear it most), although it would make a nice stole for the winter as well.

Juno Regina
I love the way it looks with my go-to coat

One more piece of excitement:
New Camera!
New Camera!


Sway Knits said...

Ooh, pretty! Those socks are quite fetching, but that Juno Regina...Me want. :-) I love the shifting colors about DIC, too.

karen said...

really--is it that little bit of variation--that makes the purple 'pop'? methinks it is because it's tied in a tree, cyarnthia! POP!

Judi said...

I love your purple scarf and those socks are just adorable!!!
You are so talented and to think you're related to me!

Nice about coming to Cleveland and showing me how that thing works! Haha...just trying to get you to visit!

Stay warm!

Love ya