Thursday, May 15, 2008

Progress, kind of...

I am a bit closer to my move ultimatum:
Lace Ribbon Scarf
Lace Ribbon Scarf by Veronik Avery in the spring, 2008 Knitty
Shibui Sock Yarn - Wasabi, 2 skeins
US 3 needles

Lace Ribbon ScarfLace Ribbon Scarf to go with this dress
(I'm not trying to be overly provocative here, I made this scarf specifically to go with this dress in the summer, and its been so rainy and gray out ... its nice to pretend - I love the green-navy combo)

This took longer than I anticipated (a little over a month), but its a beautiful pattern and not too difficult. A great alternative use for sock yarn too, always a bonus! The Shibui is nice, I like the color a lot but ...
Very pooley
...boy, is it pooley for a solid-looking yarn. Its OK though, you really can't notice it (except in this picture), and the color variation makes very appealing row to row stitch definition in some areas (you can really see this in the first picture, isn't it nice?). I like the row to row effect so much more than I dislike the pooling, overall making it OK.

I haven't been completely on track, I did a few other very small projects:
I Pod SockBlackBerry Cozy
I am very happy with the Blackberry cozy in particular, I used the Jaywalker Sock stitch pattern, and love the way the reverse side looks. They are small, right? I needed something to keep busy during the NBA playoff games...

And, I made some necessary modifications to my Central Park Hoodie:
New buttons that don't pull as much and I did a crochet chain across the neck to prevent hood sagging (idea from here). Its much better now.

Next up, a Chevron scarf, hopefully!


Desiknitter said...

Wow, what a gorgeous set of photos of the scarf! Nice collarbones, too! :) It looks beautiful with the dress and hot (as opposed to warm, LOL).

Melinda said...

The scarf is beautiful!