Wednesday, September 26, 2007


... I've purchased the extra yarn and it won't be long now before the eyelet cardigan is done!
Blue Skies (dyed cotton)
(Blue Sky Alpaca Dyed Cotton - Tomato)
And, this weather? I think its going to cooperate for this sweater: I saw this as a perfect cool summer evening sweater, well ... technically, its fall but I am at the shore now and its been in the 80s (upper 80s) all week! I went to the beach yesterday! (Don't be too angry - I had my boards books with me, no leisurely flipping through magazines)

Of course, I didn't work on my WIPs during this yarn procurement time, but it has been premier week on TV so I had to be working on
My fall (foilage) hat
...the Foilage hat from the current Knitty (in Malabrigo worsted weight, US 7 needles). I love this hat, and the yarn - it is a bit fuzzy, but its so soft and I love the blues - see the white stripes at the bottom of hat/ribbing? I love that too! There is a bit of pooling at the top, but who will see that? The pattern isn't great for mindless knitting, it requires some concentration at the beginning until you get to the body and repeat sections (I had to rip back a few times, premier week=new TV shows and too much paying attention to the TV).

This = weakness - I had seen this pattern when the new knitty came out, but I became compelled after seeing examples of it on ravelry. Thats one of my favorite things about ravelry: you can see examples of everything, and so quickly after its published. I used to google image all the patterns, but that was a bit of a pain (how many pictures of leaves would this have elicited?).

OK, now I am going to focus on CPH while working on the Clap-o-tee during periods requiring concentration, alternating with the Jaywalkers and Soltice slip socks, and of course getting Roza #2 done in the meantime! How does that sound?

I did knit from the stash though!

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Judi said...

Okay, you're knitting instead of studying and sitting at the beach instead of toiling over books- sounds great to me!!! The part that amazes me the most is that I keep reading about knitting!!!

But I sure am glad you're getting ready for cold weather with your hats and sweaters- ugh!