Friday, May 25, 2007


Koigu P13196
(Koigu KPPM 196)
I'm such a fan of Koigu - this is such a great idea!

I love seeing the colors, and I'm now really inspired to make stuff (mainly socks) from patterns that I've had my eyes on from seeing beautiful examples of them. Its just that issue of time .... especially seeing that I'm already working on 4 pairs of socks (see my current projects?)! Well, its a long weekend and summer is almost here, I can hope!

p.s. I had bought the above for Knitty's Crusoe Sock, but I've heard they are tight/hard to slip on over the ankles and a bit of a gauge nightmare. I'm also tempted by these, these, or the diagonal cross-rib socks from this which, sadly, I have not knit anything from yet. We'll see!

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Elinor said...

Oh, I saw Ashley's Koigu group and I just happen to have some Koigu solid waiting in the wings! Woo!