Wednesday, May 30, 2007

yes, yes, YES!

I had a good day today so I thought I would share ....

Its spring - It was beautiful here today, sunny and warm. Just being outside a bit made me happy.

Monkey Heel
Turning the heel. I love the heel of a sock - I like socks because a. they are portable, b. its semi-mindless knitting that you can do without paying total attention (making it conducive to do in transit, during slow times at work, while watching something on tv you are interested in), and of course c. sock yarn! But, because of reason b., they can be a bit boring at times. Sometimes the heel is all the excitement between the cuff and toe decreases, so I look forward to it, and I love the short rows, the gusset and how the heel just "turns." BTW, the above socks are not at all boring, this pattern is a lot of fun and has a nice flow to it. But I still enjoyed the heel, which I knit today.

Finally (YES!!)
Go Cavs!
Cleveland Cavaliers 91 Detroit Pistons 87
I know, technically this was yesterday - but the series is tied 2-2 now (the Cavs had been down 0-2 games), and (being on the winning side) it was such a fun game to watch, seeing the highlights today made me smile. Plus, there is nothing like a good rivalry - Sorry Detroit fans, but for me, this highlight was almost as good as any from the game (there were just too many good plays for this to win), and really kept me smiling today! (To clarify, my joy lies in seeing Rasheed Wallace get upset, not the poor guy in the background - I know sports fans have a bad rep in Ohio, but I'm not that barbaric!)

Hope everyone else had nice, peaceful days as well!

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