Thursday, September 27, 2007

As I said... wouldn't be long until the Eyelet Cardigan is done, and it is!

Eyelet Cardigan by Allison Williams (Blue Sky Alpaca Pattern)
Blue Sky Alpaca Dyed Cotton - Tomato, about 3 1/2 skeins
US 7 Needles
Buttons - plain light wood from AC Moore
No pattern modifications!

Happy! It was fun to knit and well written overall. It was a fairly quick knit - there were 5 pieces (the back, 2 arms, front panels) and, maybe not the back, but all of the other pieces could each be knit in an evening (uninterrupted). And it fits, buttoned and unbuttoned, nicely! I like cropped tops, but I am always a bit weary - you know how they hang off of the curve of your back, making you look much more osteoporotic than you really are? Not this one, the ribbing keeps it snug (not too snug though!). The buttons are a bit plain, but I think that they work. This was my first button project, and is it really hard to find nice buttons? I ended up getting these at a big box store, not excting, they had a pretty meager selection. I looked at 2 yarn stores, and they had a lot of kiddie-swirly-colorful glass buttons - not my style and not for this project, I just wanted a plain, nice, wooden button. Any suggestions for the future?

Now, onto the Central Park Hoodie, thats coming along quickly too!


Judi said...

Since your adorable sweater is all done, does that mean you haven't been studying? Tsk, tsk- heehee. Hope your enjoying yourself and will talk to you soon.

Sway Knits said...

It's super cute and the red color really suits you!