Friday, September 7, 2007


Exactly 3 skeins of yarn (the recommended amount - yes, I got gauge first) and....

...THIS! Out of Yarn. Wah! I am decreasing for the shoulder of the second arm of the eyelet cardigan, and then just have the finishing/trim to do. If only I had knit on 6s instead of 7s, or not made the ribbing at the bottom of the sweater 4 1 /2" as recommended (3 or even 4 inches would have been fine, really).
And my car needed all sorts of repairs out of the blue when all that I took it in for was an oil change and its still not done 24 hours later, and its still 90 degrees out, and... WAAAHHHHHH!

Oh well, I guess I will have to go online and order up some more, and I might as well get yarn for the blue version of the Tartan Scarf from Rowan 42, and then I can get buttons, and .... (what else!)

OK. Back on task. Reality - I have too many projects that I am working on now. Here's whats cooking:
Clapotis - 50%
Stiches are being dropped on the Clapotis - very exciting!

Salina - 7% done
Salina has been cast on (Chief approves) - its just too hot to knit with felted tweed now

Early Jaywalker
The Jaywalker heel has been turned (Sock #1)

and the Central Park Hoodie has gone past the swatch, finally - I have about 2 inches of ribbing.

and I have a still lonely Roza's Sock #1 (its knit on 0s, so it takes a lot of motivation for me) and a start on the Soltice Slips from last month's Rockin Sock Club.

I guess I'll have to work on one of these in the meantime...I was just so close to being done!


karen said...

"Stiches are being dropped on the Clapotis"---oh no! pick them up! quick, they're dropped! for the love of god, someone get those stiches, cindy dropped them all over the place!!! ahhhhh!! the humanity!

Sway Knits said...

Ooh, your Clapo-tee is lovely! What yarn are you using?

Also, I know how you feel about the running out of the yarn. I have definitely made that face before.

Cindy said...

Thanks! Its Sheep Shop Yarn Company Sheep 3 (Wool-Silk) - I'm really happy with it so far, its very soft but being 70% wool hopefully it will be warm as well!

Judi said...

Okay, I don't get the dropped stitches or the "0" needles or the other unbelievable knitting issues, but that picture of the beach- now THAT I get!