Wednesday, September 5, 2007

bad blogger

Maybe I can redeem myself with a pretty picture from what was keeping me from blogging?
Hot and Hazy
This is the NJ shore, it was beautiful weather last week and I had a nice time there. Oh, and I'm done with residency! I probably would have had a nice time anywhere knowing that, but it was nice to be at the shore relaxing, watching the US Open ...

...and knitting! Sun and sand (the beach) aren't conducive to knitting with wool, but I'm not much for sitting in the sun, roasting (I burn and get headaches anyway - wah!), so I had some good porch time enjoying the breezes (aren't ocean breezes the best?). I'll post again soon, there will be knitting pics (all sorts of exciting things have happened: I am almost done with the cardigan, I started dropping Clapotis stiches, and I turned heel #1 on my first Jaywalkers).

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