Monday, January 28, 2008

Two steps forward, one step...

So, two of my single socks now have mates:

Soltice Slip socksLenore Socks

Soltice Slip and Lenore Socks from my sock club
Socks that Rock Lightweight in Firebird and Lenore
US 1 needles

I liked both of these kits. The Lenores are a beautiful black with red, and I like cables so that Soltice Slip socks are very nice (they also have a garter stitch short row heel, similar to a previous kit that I find really pleasing). No real pooling on either. That makes 4/6 sock kits finished for the 2007 Rockin Sock Club, really its 4/5 because I JUST received the final shipment last week (when everyone else was getting the first shipment of 2008, I haven't received it yet of course, here we go again...). My first shipment was lost in the mail, and I had to be patient with all of the problems they had with shipping around Christmas, and then they had to dye more skeins, and I get stuff so slowly through the mail...They really were very nice throughout it all. It must be a nightmare dealing with the post office, I am sure. Anyway, I fully appreciate what a spoiler is now, I am going to be much more aware of that from now on and hopefully not contribute.

So, I had to reward myself, and what better than a nice Malabrigo hat?

Simple Hat from Cables Untangled

A Simple Hat from Cables Untangled by Melissa Leapman
Malabrigo merino worsted in Golden Ochre, less than 1 skein
US 6 needles

I love this hat! I don't know about you, but knitting cables really make me feel like a good knitter, like I really know what I am doing. I love that these are braided, although my hands were a little sore after knitting this. And, MalabrIgo, wonderful as usual. This is hat # 3 for me with it, the colors are beautiful, and it makes a soft, warm, and just slightly fuzzy hat. The golden ochre did threaten to pool at the top of the hat, but I don't think its too bad.

Now, its a beautiful hat that will get used. But, what I should have been doing ... While I do not do well with deadlines, something that I love to do is to knit something for vacation in order to get excited for the trip. Really, this is how I got back into knitting almost 2 years ago: I took a trip across Canada on the train (great trip, my first time in the Canadian Rockies and Vancouver - both beautiful places, and then Toronto is such a cool city), and I was at Borders looking for travel books when I came across a Knit1, their travel issue. I made socks, a passport cover, and a luggage tag, and enjoyed them on the trip, and just kept knitting once I returned! So, I am taking a trip to Montreal with my sister for our birthdays this year in a little over 2 weeks, and I decided that I must knit an Iceland sweater from Rowan 42 for this trip. Montreal, February, cold, Iceland...
Anyway, here is where I am:
Beginnings of Iceland
1 skein.
But it is a bulky knit on big needles and the first skein is learning the pattern so it takes longer, right? We will see....

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Courtney said...

I'm sure you'll fly through that sweater once you get the stitch pattern down. :) When is your birthday? I'm a February 8th baby, so I love knowing other Feb-babies. :)

I've been doing the same thing as you are with finishing sock-mates lately... something must be in the air! It's a contagious case of finish-itis!

Your hat is gorgeous. I love Malabrigo, but my LYS just stopped carrying it in favor of Manos del Uruguay, so I'm out of luck unless I can find a good online seller to get it from.

Happy knitting, and enjoy your trip!